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Need to know

Need to know
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  • Visa: Most countries are allowed a 30-days free visa on arrival, but it’s always good to check in advance.
  • Passports: The date of expiration must be a minimum of 6 months from the date of exiting the country.
  • Diving insurance: Our guests are required to present a personal diving insurance at the beginning of the cruise, valid for the duration of their stay on board. If a guest doesn’t present such valid diving insurance, the organization will produce one before departure with a cost of 40 US for a duration of up to 10 days, and 50 US for a duration between 11 days and one month. 



  • Land tour extension: We strongly recommend considering a Land Tour extension before or after the cruise. After a long journey to Indonesia, it is worth exploring one or more of the numerous places of interest in the region, by the hand of professional, experienced guides. Should you need help arranging for one of the tours we can put you in touch with our partners in Bali which can organize many different land tours and activities throughout the archipelago.
  • Conditions for Payment and cancellations: To avoid problems, please read carefully the section of Bookings and Cancellations.
  • Money: Most hard currencies can be exchanged directly at airports and hotels in Indonesia. The best exchange rate to Rupiah is found in the money changers in Bali, though it is best to use the larger ones with a good, professional image. Credit cards are accepted in Bali and the big cities of Indonesia, but not in villages nor in remote islands. You can pay with any currency on board, but not with credit card nor checks.
  • Cruise fees: Remember to carry € 250 in cash per person to pay the Harbour Fee.
  • Diving: The diving is normally carried out from the tenders, sometimes without even anchoring. The tenders stay on top of the group for the entire length of the dive, picking up the divers at the end of it. We recommend divers to hold an advanced certification or a minimum of 50 signed dives, so they can fully enjoy the diving. Although we do our utmost to assess the level of the divers and organize the underwater activities accordingly, some dives are in strong currents and a minimum experience of every single diver is key for the safety and enjoyment of the group.
  • Water temperature: The temperature is normally 28º C, although areas exposed to upwellings from the ocean (like South Komodo or Alor) can experience lower temperatures down to 22º C. Usually a 3 mm dive suit is enough, though some divers like to add a hooded vest or simply wear a 5 mm.
  • Visibility: The average visibility is 15-20 m, with variations depending on season and tides.
  • Safety in diving: Every diver must carry a Surface Marker Buoy; if you don’t bring your own we will lend you one for the duration of the cruise.
  • Rental of diving equipment: Available onboard, please ask in advance for availability and check prices in the Services Onboard section of the menu.
  • Electricity: Electricity onboard is 220 v with standard two-pin European sockets. The same applies to land.
  • Health: There are no mandatory vaccinations for traveling to Indonesia. The Tropical Disease Institutes consider that some of the islands of the Indonesian archipelago are affected by malaria, although this is only true for highlands on the interior. Risks are minimum during the cruise and it is sufficient to bring a mosquito repellent for the land tours, or use the one provided onboard. It is important not to drink tap water nor eat fruits and vegetables without peeling, washing or boiling them. If you suffer seasickness carry your own remedy.
  • Clothing: Our boats do not have laundry service, so we recommend you bring enough clothing for the entire length of the cruise. T-shirts, polo shirts, shorts and bathing suits are the norm, and a sweater for the evenings is usually enough.
  • Heat: We are near the tropics and it can get very hot. Bring high protection sunscreen, sunglasses, hat...


Minors on board

We do not recommend bringing children under 6 years of age unless it is a consolidated route (see the Types of Route section), and at least one parent or legal tutor must remain on board with the children under 6 during dives.