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Indonesians call their own country Tanah Air Kita, Our Land and Waters, a good way of describing the largest archipelago in the world. Occupying a surface equivalent of the entire Europe or the U.S., Indonesia is strategically positioned across the tropics between the Indian and the Pacific oceans, and is crossed in its entirety by the Ring of Fire. The combination of deep inner seas, volcanic islands, and a monsoon weather regime creates a vast variety of ecosystems both on land and underwater, with a variety of ethnic groups and cultures to match. The result is a kaleidoscope of landscapes, peoples and nature that won’t cease to amaze the most demanding traveller, no matter how many times you visit...


Its nature

Volcanoes, rainforests, vast expanses of mangroves and some of the richest seas on the planet, this fascinating archipelago is home to a myriad of unusual creatures, from the little Tarsier to the (almost extinct) Sumatran rhino, tiger and elephant. Underwater, more than 4.000 species of fish and 500 types of coral are found throughout its mosaic of islands and reefs, creating a spectacular background that sets the scene for memorable encounters, from the tiny pygmy seahorse to the largest animal ever to exist, the blue whale, everything is possible in this land of wonders…


Its people

Different races and ethnic groups have coexisted here for centuries. This is the world’s largest Muslim country, a permissive Islam that coexist with matriarchal cultures, and gives an important role to women in social life. There are also important populations of Christians and Hindus, and traditional animist rituals are still widely practiced, blended with all other faiths. It is this rich mixture of beliefs, customs and lifestyles that make this country a real gem to visit. Indonesians are well known for their permanent smile and hospitality. A trip through this immense country is always a guarantee for wonderful experiences.