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Need to know

Need to know
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The areas covered on our cruises are really off the beaten track and lack the minimum level of infrastructure to solve unexpected major problems in a short time. We carry aboard our boats enough spare parts for most of the expected problems that may occur during the cruise and all the engines (generators, compressors, outboards) are redundant except for the main engine. Therefore a minimum risk has to be assumed and no liabilities will be granted by SMY ONDINA, PT Inner Seas Adventures or Diplad International S.L. for any unexpected problem that could take some time to be solved during the cruise or force a cancellation.


Changes of itinerary during the cruise due to weather conditions or major force will account for no liabilities at all to SMY ONDINA, PT Inner Seas Adventures or Diplad International S.L. No refunds will be granted for the above-mentioned reasons.


Any change of itinerary requested by the guests within the scope of the published schedule and not affecting the total duration of the cruise must have 100% guests’ approval in writing.


Every passenger is personally responsible for arriving on time to embark on the first day of the cruise. Failure to arrive on time for any reason beyond the control of SMY ONDINA, PT Inner Seas Adventures or Diplad International S.L. will not generate any liability of any type and no refunds for any reason whatsoever can be claimed by the passenger.


You must be in the possession of a Medical Certification allowing dive practice in case of suffering any incompatible illness or that may require emergency evacuation for any reason.


Our guests are required to present a personal diving insurance at the beginning of the cruise, valid for the duration of their stay on board. If a guest doesn’t present such valid diving insurance, the organization will produce one before departure with a cost of 40 US for a duration of up to 10 days, and 50 US for a duration between 11 days and one month


Although our experienced crew will brief the guests to ensure diving activities are carried out in the safest way, and all the dives are guided, every diver dives at his/her own risk. SMY Ondina, PT Inner Seas Adventures and Diplad International S.L. will not accept any liability for an eventual diving accident. On the first day of every cruise, each passenger will be asked to sign a waiver form and show all convenient and valid diving and traveling insurances.


SMY ONDINA only guarantees the departure of each cruise on the published dates if the minimum number of 6 pax is booked for that cruise. Should this minimum number of 6 pax not been booked, SMY ONDINA could decide to cancel that cruise departure provided this is done with a minimum notice of 30 to 45 days before the date of the scheduled departure. Should the minimum number of 5 pax not been booked, SMY ONDINA can keep the cruise open to full boat charter petitions. The deposit for booking confirmation that should have been made to consider that booking confirmed will be returned in its totality in both cases.


SMY ONDINA could be forced to increase the published cruise price due to the following reasons:


  • Strong currency fluctuation (Euro, US Dollar or Indonesian Rupiah)
  • Unexpected or continuous raise of costs
  • New taxes or increase of the actual taxes or operational fees.
  • A sudden increase in the price of fuel.


Should any of these reasons force us to increase the published price of the cruise, passengers shall be informed of this change a minimum of 2 weeks before departure.