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An average day aboard our boats starts with a gentle knock on the door of your cabin at 6:30 am. As the sun rises at 6 am and goes down at 6 pm, we try to take advantage of the daylight by waking up early, so we can comfortably pull three day dives with good light. A mild breakfast is served and around 7 am the bell rings to call for the first dive of the day. During the pre-dive briefing the crew start bring the tanks that guest have already set up down the tenders.

Back from the dive, around 9 am, a complete breakfast is served, including both continental and Indonesian fare. After a break, around 11 am we do the second dive, after which lunch is served. Our meals are an eclectic combination of western and Asian cuisine, trying to adapt as much as possible to local availabilities and fresh produce. Mandatory siesta is followed by the third dive of the day, around 3 pm, after which a snack is served, consisting of fresh fruit juice and cake.

Unless we need to sail overnight to our next destination (see types of routes), in which case we need to bring the tenders up on board and start sailing, night dive is available most nights. It starts around 7 pm and ends around 8:30, when we serve dinner. During dinner the cruise director gives a briefing of what will happen the next day, where we are moving to, and the type of diving to be expected.

Short excursions are usually done between dives, except longer land tours such as the walk on the national park of Komodo, or the early morning tour to see the birds of paradise in Papua; when these take place they substitute the first dive of the day.