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Full boat charter

This cruise has been chartered. Please contact us at info@thebestdivingintheworld.com for more info and alternatives.

Schedule & prices

Schedule & prices

Consolidated routes

These are cruises focused in a particular area where we have been sailing and diving for many years, such as Komodo, Alor, or Raja Ampat. They tend to have the same starting and ending point and involve less cruising, allowing for a more customized program, since distances between sites are shorter and it is easier to adapt to the local conditions and needs of the group.



These cruises usually have different starting and ending points, and involve more overnight cruising between sites. They tend to visit two or more different areas, which is done powering overnight. The upside is that every morning we wake up on a different island, atoll, or coastline. The risk: if the weather doesn’t cooperate the night rides can be a bit uncomfortable. These are routes are for the more adventurous diver that wants to cover a wider range during the length of a cruise.


Exploratory routes

These are first-time cruises in diving areas that are having good reports and gaining interest in the diving scene. We usually have some GPS positions and notes about the place from other operators that have been there in the past, but it's our first or second time in the area. We combine other people’s previous knowledge with some personal exploration in equal parts. This requires a degree of patience as the program can’t be as strict as with a consolidated route, since our guides need to find divesites that have the minimum level of quality that our reputation requires. But the reward is the privilege of being the first ever to dive a given site.


Appointed Cruises

These are cruises that either have a renowned underwater photo-pro or videographer on board, or else are chartered for a specific purpose, such as scientific research. These cruises provide the opportunity to spend time aboard with a professional of a particular field, attending photo and video workshops or biology seminars directly from a professional.