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About us

About us
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A different way to explore the beautiful inner seas of Indonesia.


Beyond the reach of the ordinary traveller

Sailing aboard the SMY Ondina and the MY Oceanic you will have the opportunity to explore the most exotic and remote islands of this unique country, places where it can be extremely difficult to get to by yourself.
You will not embark one of those luxury cruises where everything is fixed to timing and planning, instead we offer you a more adventurous trip with lots of unexpected: Unexpected diving encounters, unexpected beautiful beaches, unexpected quiet and traditional villages, unexpected on-board service.

We have tried to create a very comfortable accommodation to be our home and basecamp as we sail and dive from island to island.


Affordable, comfortable, informal and relaxing

We have focused in what really matters and left aside superfluous and expensive luxuries.

Aboard the SMY Ondina and the MY Oceanic you will have enough space to relax alone, share a nice chat sitting in the cool atmosphere of our a/c dinning room or enjoy a full moon evening from a comfortable hammack on our sun deck before taking a rest in your a/c cabin.

In the unlikely event you don’t feel like diving, swimming or snorkeling, we can arrange a walk through isolated forests, along desert beaches or in the undisturbed villages we will come across during our sail.


Beginners, expert divers, Photo and Video Sub Profs, we treat everyone according to their needs. We care for you to dive your own way with real experts. Flexible yet profesional.