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Triton Bay

Triton Bay
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Two rivers pour their waters into this bay, while rich upwellings from the deeper basins of the Banda sea feed the reefs formed around its islands. This unusual combination makes for a very special environment, where the lower-than-average visibility is compensated by lush reefs covered in soft corals, large black coral bushes in unusual colors (like fluorescent yellow or white), thick schools of reef fish and a vast array of critters in the dark sands of its shores. Whalesharks also come attracted by the little anchovies captured by the large outrigger boats fishing at night with the help of lights, and ancient rock art can be witnessed in the limestone walls of the islands.



Outside the bay, underwater seamounts are often visited by mantas, and the reefs around Kai islands have some of the most beautiful powder white sand beaches of the entire archipelago.