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Located between the main islands of Halmahera and Bacan, the straits of Patintie and the Goraici group consist both of a rosary of islands exposed to tidal currents that promote the growth of soft corals and where fish school in large numbers, with reef sharks being commonly sighted. All this with the chain of volcanoes of Ternate, Tidore, Moti and Makian in the background, inhabited by ancient sultanates that still maintain their palaces and their own personal guard, and where the remains of both Portuguese and Spanish occupation reminds us of the old spice trade, where clove was the most coveted good there five centuries ago.



This route has the particularity of starting in the best wide-angle diving in the entire archipelago (Raja Ampat), and ending with the best macro as well, in the world capital of muck diving (Lembeh), or vice versa, depending on the starting and ending points. Covering a larger distance than usual, the higher number of nights sailing from one location to the next is compensated by experiencing many different environments both topside and underwater, making it a varied and highly rewarding adventure.