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Banda Sea

Banda Sea

North Banda Sea & Kai Islands: Ambon-Tual, Tual-Ambon


Disclaimer: Itineraries are only orientative and might be modified due to weather conditions, sea conditions and other external causes.

  • DAY 1: Pick up at Ambon airport, transfer to the boat, welcome drink and accommodation. Check dive in the afternoon at the Twilight Zone in Ambon (muck diving), plus night dive. Overnight sail to Nusa Laut.
  • DAY 2: First morning dive in Pulau Pombo. Noon and afternoon dives at the famous site Ameth’s Knoll, a reef parallel to the coast that the local villagers have protected since the old times, to allow fish to spawn and spill over to adjacent areas. Overnight sail to Suanggi.
  • DAY 3: Three day dives in Pulau Suanggi, the northernmost island of the Banda group. After third dive sail to Bandaneira, probably the most beautiful natural anchorage of Indonesia. Dusk dive at the mandarin fish site, and dinner at a restored colonial house.
  • DAY 4: Cultural visit around Bandaneira, the heart of the Spice Islands: Fort Rotterdam, culture museum, the Governors House and the nutmeg plantation. After cultural visit dive the famous places around Bandaneira such as Batu Kapal, Pohon Mirin or Lava Flows.
  • DAY 5: 3 day dives around Pulau Hatta and Karang Hatta, located at southern part of Banda group. Overnight sail to Pulau Koon.
  • DAY 6: Three day dives around the very strategic eastern point of Pulau Koon, where the walls on both sides of the island converge into a sandy plateau facing a deep trench, congregating large masses of fish and the added excitement of some pelagic sightings. Overnight sail to Kurkap.
  • DAY 7: Full diving day in Kurkap, diving the main island as well as the reef to the north of the island. Both feature pristine corals gardens and plenty of fish life. After the night dive, sail to Pulau Bui.
  • DAY 8: Two mornings dive in different seamounts to the north of Pulau Bui, Villoch Reef and Ultima Frontera. Afternoon and night dive in another reef adjacent to Pulau Bui. After the third dive will visit a beautiful white sand beach located on the south part of the island, a long sand bar surrounded by turquoise waters.
  • DAY 9: Two morning dives north of Pulau Tayandu, first in Karang Rembang and second in Batu Guano. In the afternoon visit Pasir Panjang (a kilometre-plus stretch of white sand beach lined with coconut trees) on our way to Tual. Preparation for departure the morning after.