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Komodo & Flores

Komodo & Flores

Komodo & Maumere: Labuhanbajo-Maumere, Maumere-Labuhanbajo


Disclaimer: Itineraries are only orientative and might be modified due to weather conditions, sea conditions and other external causes.

  • DAY 1: Transfer to the boat upon arrival, welcome drink and accommodation. Check dive in Horseshoe reef and night dive in Sebayor
  • DAY 2: Three day dives in the Straits between Komodo and Rinca. Manta site in Karang Makassar and the spectacular sites of Batu Bolong (a pinnacle rising from the depths and concentrating large amounts of sealife) and Tatawa Islands. Night dive in Siaba Kecil.
  • DAY 3: Early morning walk to the Komodo National Park, followed by dives in Pulau Tengah and the famous submerged ridges of Three Sisters. Night dive at Evening Star, a mini-wall covered with invertebrate life.
  • DAY 4: Four dives in Nusa Kode, on world famous sites such as Cannibal Rock, an underwater mountain literally coated in marine life and invertebrates, and Yellow Wall, Boulders… Night dive in Torpedo Bay.
  • DAY 5: Four dives in Gili Lawa. Action dives in UW mounts like Castle Rock and Crystal Bommie, covered in soft coral and packed with schools and pelagics. Also The Lighthouse, Shotgun…
  • DAY 6: Two dives around the straits of Komodo and afternoon dive in the underwater mountain in Sabolan Kecil. Overnight sail to Pulau Paloe.
  • DAY 7: Two wall dives in Pulau Paloe. Afternoon visit to the traditional village on the foothills of the volcano. Night dive in the bay.
  • DAY 8: First dive in Pangabatang, a sandy alley with richly covered boulders. Second dive in Pulau Babi, on the massive crack on the reef caused by the earthquake in 1992. Afternoon visit to Ankermi resort to drink traditional Flores coffee and local palm wine, before sailing back to Maumere to fly the morning after.